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  • RS-503: Research Methods, Writing, and Technology M1

    A course designed to introduce the student to the skills necessary to produce graduate level research papers and projects. This includes the proper formatting of papers (Turabian), source documentation, and thesis formation. How to effectively read for comprehension and how to express oneself properly is explored. Methods for using technology to discover information appropriate to graduate work through the use of electronic databases, Internet resources, library collections, and information literacy are addressed. Students will be introduced to the Canvas LMS and BlueJeans video conferencing system used at Grace for all its courses.

  • MS-885: Living the Great Commission: Evangelism and Discipleship M1

    This module is designed to help students understand the principles of corporate evangelism and discipleship and how to join Jesus in changing the world through disciple-making. This class will complement the undergraduate course of the same name which will focus on personal evangelism and disciple-making.

  • TH-565 S: Bibliología y Teología Propia

    En este estudio se analizarán los primeros dos temas de la Teología Sistemática. En Bibliología, se abordarán asuntos como: la revelación general y especial, inspiración, inerrancia, autoridad, y el canon de las Escrituras. En Teología Propia, la Existencia de Dios, Sus Atributos, y Trinidad serán analizados a la luz de Su propia revelación.

  • TH-663: Angelology, Anthropology, and Hamartiology M1

    A study of angelology (the doctrines of the unfallen angels, Satan and the fallen angels), anthropology (creation of humanity, the material and immaterial aspects of humanity, and the fall of humanity), and hamartiology (original and personal sin).

  • TH-767: Church History and Historical Theology M1

    This is an overview studying the history and theological development of the Christian Church from its inception to the Reformation. Significant individuals, events, doctrines, and heresies will be highlighted. Major periods of theological formation will be emphasized, including the Patristic period and the Middle Ages. This will provide students the tools to critically evaluate modern doctrines of the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and various Protestant theologies within the context of their developments within Church History.

  • TH-560: Hermeneutics M1

    A directed study of the principles of the literal- grammatical-historical (L-G-H) system of biblical interpretation, with guided practice in using those principles in interpreting representative passages.

  • OT-501: Old Testament Survey M1

    An overview of the Old Testament books that includes an investigation of historical background, literary genres, authorship, purpose, structure, and major themes. Special attention is given to the development and nature of major Old Testament covenants and significant interpretive issues surrounding key verses.

  • CH-603: Introduction to Military Chaplaincy M1

    The student will receive an overview of the nature and history of military chaplaincy ministry. This includes the chaplaincy's identity, purpose and ethical and legal parameters. The student will examine the biblical and theological foundations of military chaplaincy. The emphasis is to develop a basic understanding of how military chaplaincy has the opportunity to impact for Christ those in service to their country.

  • MS-868: Foundations of The Christian Home M1

    A study of the biblical principles and practices for establishing and building the Christian home. Emphasis is placed on marriage issues such as the divinely designed differences between men and women; the individual responsibilities for both husband and wife; and building a better marriage through improved communication and conflict resolution. In addition, there will be a focus on biblical responsibilities that equip parents to build and launch the next generation.

  • MS-759: Servant Leadership

    Principles of servant leadership are discovered from the biblical text. Students will develop a personal plan to apply biblical principles and requirements for leadership in ministry. A self-evaluation of the student’s current role and leadership style will be completed.

  • OT-514: Historical Books M1

    A study of the Old Testament historical books (Joshua through Esther) with an emphasis on the setting, genre, structure, key dates and persons, biblical theology, and key events of these books. Special attention will be given to the conquest of Canaan, the sin cycle of Judges, the development of the monarchy, the Davidic Covenant, the rise and fall of Israel and Judah, the Assyrian and Babylonian threats and the Exile.

  • CH-602: Introduction to Community and Public Safety Chaplaincy M1

    An introductory course to the ministry of public safety and community-based chaplaincy. The course is designed to prepare prospective and incumbent public safety chaplains to effectively deliver services to public safety personnel, their organizations and the communities that they serve.