All Courses

  • TH-560: Hermeneutics (M1)

    A directed study of the principles of the literal-grammatical-historical (L-G-H) system of biblical interpretation, with guided practice in using those principles in interpreting representative passages.

  • TH-565: Prolegomena, Bibliology and Theology Proper (M2)

    An in-depth study of Prolegomena, Bibliology-doctrines of revelation, inspiration, inerrancy, illumination, and theological hermeneutics will be conducted. The study of Theology Proper - the existence and attributes of the one God, the Triune Godhead, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Scripture and in Christian history, and the ramifications of Trinitarian belief today will be addressed in detail.

  • TH-667: Ecclesiology and Eschatology (M2)

    This course is an analysis of the biblical teaching concerning last things, a discussion of the coming of Christ, and other end times events from a pre-millennial perspective. The students will be given a comprehensive outline of the future events of God’s prophetic program. Contrasts will be drawn with Covenant Theology and progressive dispensationalism. The major millennial views will be presented along with various views relating to the Rapture. Attention will be given to the unconditional covenants of the Old Testament. Finally, a definition of the Church as the Body of Christ and its role and function in God’s eternal plan will be examined.

  • NT-708: Acts

    This course will provide an exegetical and theological study of the book of Acts. Special attention will be given to the relevant theological and ministerial issues that faced the church of the first century as well as the twenty-first century.

  • CO-863: Advanced Counseling Theory and Integration (M2)

    An advanced exploration of the theories and integration of counseling for use in pastoral counseling. Biblical principles and practices for guiding, sustaining, healing, and reconciling individuals, primarily within the context of the local church, chaplaincy, or parachurch ministry.

  • CO-868: Foundations of The Christian Home

    A study of the biblical principles and practices for establishing and building the Christian home. Emphasis is placed on marriage issues such as the divinely designed differences between men and women; the individual responsibilities for both husband and wife; and building a better marriage through improved communication and conflict resolution. In addition, there will be a focus on biblical responsibilities that equip parents to build and launch the next generation.

  • CO-856: Conflict Resolution (M2)

    The course will address the CR skills, specific types of conflict, and perspectives important to resolving conflict in home and work settings. Class objectives are for students to be able to do the following: 1.Explain the importance of assigning appropriate responsibility for behavior in conflict situations. 2. Identify and describe effective means of apologizing for and confronting offenses. 3. Demonstrate an understanding of effective negotiating skills. 4. Describe the types of behaviors and attitudes that block effective conflict resolution. 5. Demonstrate an understanding of the processes of resolving conflict in the home and work settings.

  • MS-875: Advanced Leadership & Administration (M2)

    Church leadership is a unique blend of managing employees, volunteers, board development, and casting vision. Many pastors are under-equipped to lead organizations and overall ministry effectiveness decreases from a lack of organizational leadership. In other words, has anyone taught you how to ask the congregation for money or fire the janitor? Correctly guiding the church creates trust in leadership.

  • NT-875: Introduction to Greek Exegesis

    A study of New Testament Greek syntax and an introduction to New Testament textual criticism. The course will improve the ability of the student to (1) read the Greek New Testament, (2) analyze it grammatically and syntactically, and (3) determine its original wording.

  • OT-628: Old Testament Prophets (M1)

    A study of the Old Testament major and minor prophets (Isaiah to Malachi) with an emphasis on the setting, genre, structure, key dates and persons, biblical theology, and key events of these books. Special attention will be given to the history of Old Testament prophecy, the role of the prophets, divine judgment and salvation, and God's plan for Israel and the nations.

  • CH-715: Issues in Chaplaincy (M2)

    This course will explore various issues most likely encountered in chaplaincy beginning with an understanding of things such as the “pit of crisis”, the biology of stress, hypervigilance, resiliency, depression, trauma, grief, death notification. This course will then develop understanding a crisis, the effects of a crisis, how to help and encourage, the need to prepare, helpful things to say and do, and hurtful responses to avoid.

  • CH-712: Foundations of Crisis Intervention

    Crisis Intervention is a specialized acute emergency mental health intervention that requires specialized training. Designed to present the core elements of a comprehensive, systematic, and multi-component crisis intervention curriculum, this course will build upon the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation Combined Group and Individual Crisis Intervention course preparing participants to understand a wide range of crisis intervention services for both the individual and for groups.