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  • OT-501: Old Testament Survey

    An overview of the Old Testament books that includes an investigation of historical background, literary genres, authorship, purpose, structure, and major themes. Special attention is given to the development and nature of major Old Testament covenants and significant interpretive issues surrounding key verses.

  • NT-513: Gospels

    A survey and exposition of the Gospels, with an emphasis on the biblical theology of these books, their genre, and their application.

  • RS-503: Research Methods Writing & Technology M3

    A course designed to introduce the student to the skills necessary to produce graduate level research papers and projects. This includes the proper formatting of papers (Turabian), source documentation, and thesis formation. How to effectively read for comprehension and how to express oneself properly is explored. Methods for using technology to discover information appropriate to graduate work through the use of electronic databases, Internet resources, library collections, and information literacy are addressed. Students will be introduced to the Canvas LMS and BlueJeans video conferencing system used at Grace for all its courses.

  • TH-560: Hermeneutics M3

    A directed study of the principles of the literal- grammatical-historical (L-G-H) system of biblical interpretation, with guided practice in using those principles in interpreting representative passages.

  • MS-854: Pastoral Ministries

    A practical study of key areas of pastoral ministry designed to equip pastors to administer effectively the day-to-day tasks of a typical church ministry.

  • MS-761: Ministry Stewardship

    This course helps the student build a solid biblical foundation regarding his or her personal and ministerial stewardship. Building on a solid biblical worldview of stewardship, the student will be able to apply biblical principles to the use of personal possessions and finances. Students will explore the biblical texts that relate to the personal use of money and possessions, and learn practical skills to obtain peace in personal finance. Attention will be placed on the practical implementation of biblical financial principles in the student’s life and vocation.  Topics to be covered include materialism & spirituality, basic money management, giving, saving, investing, debt and credit.

  • OT-773: Elementary Hebrew 2

    A continuation of study of the basic principles of biblical Hebrew followed by an introduction to Hebrew syntax, textual criticism and to the basic tools and methods of lexical analysis.

  • NT-774: Elementary Greek 2 M3-4

    A continuation of the study of the basic principles of New Testament Greek for students who have not had Greek or who would benefit from a review of the elements of the language.

  • MS-870: Planting Churches and Ministries

    A course designed to encourage and prepare church leaders and missionaries to lead or assist in the growth and multiplication of ministries and churches. The course includes a study of the biblical principles and practical information for planting new ministries and churches, and students are required to arrange for a mentor in a ministry in which they will have opportunities to learn by experiencing the process of planting a ministry or church.

  • RS-892: Thesis Project

    After the successful completion of RS-890, Thesis Proposal, the candidate completes the thesis under the guidance and supervision of the thesis advisor. If the thesis is not completed by the end of the semester, students will be required to enroll continuously. Students have up to three years to complete the thesis from the time of their first enrollment in this course.

  • MS-858: Vision and Strategic Planning

    This course will examine the importance of having a shared vision and how a leader can communicate it and implement it using a systematic process to develop it within a ministry. The strategic planning process, based on the vision, will be examined in detail and put into practice for the student’s ministry

  • MS-880: Short Term Experience in Missions

    A guided experience in cross-cultural missions through participation in a short-term mission trip and relevant training provided by an approved mission agency or church.