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  • TH-560: Hermeneutics

    A directed study of the principles of the literal-grammatical-historical (L-G-H) system of biblical interpretation, with guided practice in using those principles in interpreting representative passages.

  • TH-775: Christian Apologetics: Classic and Contemporary

    This course addresses the historical and current challenges to the Christian faith by religions, cults, and secular society. Apologetics trains the student to explain clearly his beliefs and then to defend the great truths of his Christian faith.

  • TH-563: The Basis of Free Grace Theology

    This course examines the major doctrines of Free Grace Theology in comparison with Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Calvinist, and Arminian theologies. The emphasis will be upon the divergent views of justification, faith, anthropology, hamartiology, sovereignty and providence, predestination and free will in relation to divine election, eternal security and assurance of salvation, the extent of Christ’s propitiation, the process of sanctification, and God’s payment (“rewards”) and punishment of Christians.

  • TH-435: Doctrinal Summary 2

    This is a continuation of the written production and defense of a student’s own doctrinal summary. The last 6 theological themes will be completed and defended.

  • SS-204: Cultural Anthropology M5

    An investigation of race, culture, economics, social groups, religion, language, and arts of primitive folk and modern westernized peoples. This course compares biblical absolutes with cultural norms and includes Bible lands and cultures.

  • RS-210: Research Writing and Technology M5

    A course designed to teach the serious student of the Word proper research methodology, college level writing skills, and the effective use of technology for creating quality research papers and projects, following A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations by Kate L. Turabian (8th ed.). Methods for using technology to discover information appropriate to college-level research through the use of electronic databases, Internet resources, library collections, and information literacy are addressed.

  • TH-407: Doctrine 1 - The Bible and God M5

    A study of the biblical doctrines of the Bible and of God. Topics include, revelation, inspiration, authority and canon, as well as God’s existence, attributes, and trinity.

  • BI-303: Pentateuch

    A study of the first five books of the Old Testament (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) with an emphasis on God’s redemptive plan, creation, fall, flood, nations, key persons, and dealings with the children of Israel.

  • NT-515: Acts and Pauline Epistles M5

    A survey and exposition of the New Testament book of Acts and the Pauline epistles, with an emphasis on the biblical theology of these books, their genre, and their application.

  • MS-756: Expository Preaching M5

    This course guides students to develop and deliver expository messages that present biblical truths in a way that changes peoples' lives. This is a practical course that will help students prepare and present biblically accurate and culturally relevant sermons in creative ways. Students will preach twice and receive evaluations from fellow students and the professor.

  • TH-560: Hermeneutics M5

    A directed study of the principles of the literal- grammatical-historical (L-G-H) system of biblical interpretation, with guided practice in using those principles in interpreting representative passages.

  • MS-853: Introduction to the Chaplain Ministry II M5

    Expanding on the 2-credit ministry skills course MS-851, An Introduction to Chaplain Ministry, this one credit course provides the additional 45 contact hours of course work (1 credit) which will allow the student to apply directly into CH601- Cultivating an Awareness of Chaplain Ministry classes. MS-851 was offered as a one-time class and will not be repeated. This class will have limited application and will only be available to those students who were enrolled and completed MS-851.